NFT Market

Players can get NFTs through auction channels, blind box channels, friends' gifts and freely trade them in the NFT market. Successful transactions will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure openness and transparency, and 5% commission will be treated as service fee for the Platform Developer. 1. For successful transaction, ensure that your wallet has enough BNB as mining fee and sufficient CONE balance
2. During the sale of NFT, its ownership will change. If NFT were sold or cancelled, its ownership will be transferred out of the contract
3. The handling fee is 5% of the transactional amount and is injected into the NFT fund pool

NFT Auction

NFT market is using a very unique auction mechanism in addition to the traditional NFT listing transaction.
1. Within the last hour of the auction, countdown will extend 10 minutes for every new bidding, (Maximum extension: 1hour).
2. When an auction item is released, every new bid requires 10% premium higher than the previous bid, 3.20% of the premium will allocate to previous bidder, remaining 80% goes to the seller 4. Every successful auction, 5% service fee will be drawn out from the seller’s proceeds and injected into the NFT fund pool 5. Seller able to collect his/her proceeds (successful) or NFT (unsuccessful) after the auction has ended.
This means that as long as you participate in the auction, either you will get the auction item or you will get the proceeds. No one will return empty handed in CoinOne NFT Auction Market.

NFT Blind Box

We have designed many different CoinOne NFTs. The images, rare degrees and computing power of different types of NFTs are different. This is divided into Limited Edition, Collaboration Edition, Secret Edition, etc.
NFT computing power is one of the most important attributes of these NFTs. The rarer the NFT, the higher its computing power and faster mining speed.
We will put CoinOne NFT into the blind box. Users can use $CONE to extract the blind box and draw NFT of different quality. The blind box probability will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure openness and transparency.

More ways to play

In addition, CoinOne will continue to launch NFT synthesis, joint mining and other different gameplay methods, which will further enrich the CoinOne NFT ecosystem and at the same time further empower $CONE.