What is CoinOne?

CoinOne is a decentralized One-Stop Defi service platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). CoinOne is based on Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm mechanism, conversion of digital currency, liquidity mining, leverage mining and other mining mechanisms.
CoinOne is a sublime and exceptional platform with numerous functions such as: swap, lottery, prediction, Lending, financial news, wallet, NFT, game, perpetual contract, etc., the perfect choice for every investor.
Official website:
Symbol: CONE
Contract address: 0x9628735017f1a985ebaac0b203efb9e8d3ed0fef
Technical Format: BEP20
CONE is the core token that powers the CoinOne ecosystem.
Obtain CONE from invitation promotion, Lending, farm mining, or purchase at the exchange

Token allocation

CONE issued a total of 100 million pieces, all of which were produced according to the block time, without reservation and pre-mining.
. 20% (20 million) is allocated to Liquidity Mining, generating 0.64 CONE per block and 18432 per day
. 20% (20 million) is allocated to Lending Mining, each block generates 0.64 CONE, and 18432 are output per day
. 15% (15 million) is allocated to Staked Mining, each block generates 0.48 CONE, and 13824 are output every day
. Game Mining, accounting for 15% (15 million)
. Recommendation Mining, accounting for 5% (5 million), and reward users who contribute to the promotion of the platform
. Team token, accounting for 8% (8 million)
. Angel investors, accounting for 8% (8 million)
. Operating fund, accounting for 4% (4 million), is used for market development / brand building / community maintenance and other operating activities
. Private placement, accounting for 4% (4 million)
. Initial liquidity, accounting for 1% (1 million)

List of Address:

Operations Fund: 0xE25d550cE65112750EaAB9C2826A931dE1bb5284
Investor: 0xfab5c11929265D205B122ac7d109F436f6231998
Development Team: 0x6E27bcC7850292F7F92B9b226abd392FdF329b21
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